thank you to you! 

greetings from the greentrees, :)

we'd like to thank everyone on our list
for all the warm support
and nurturing.
this song and video
is appropriately titled "thank you song"

we're pleased to annouce the
arrival of the greentrees on youtube.
here's our channel:

if you peruse some of our videos
you'll notice we're a huge fan of animoto!
check it out,
a great tool for business and personal life,
and ohh so easy! yes!

projects in progress include:
building community area on site
for interaction
and general mayhem
(by the way,
dr. teeth & the electric mayhem
might just be our favorite band,
definately way up there!)

mixing of the day time
Tate Sessions from Oklahoma.
more long term. more multi-tracked.

mixing of the night time Oklahoma
Isola Bella Sessions (with Gwinner Studio!)
more short term. more live.
stay tuned for them.

presence on facebook
and twitter.
slowly beginning. yippee!

and for that morning jolt
of acoustic andrenaline
and melt you to the core vibe
the greentrees ....stripped live@ starbucks
is awaiting you

Online Store

please resist as long as you can,
we understand,
we all have our addictions.

till we rendevous again.
greentrees and high tides forever,
the greentrees :)

i'll post this on our news blog also,
where i just remembered i was
going to post it originally

live and learn, baby!!

the greentrees are always open
to joint ventures
whether it be recording,
gigging, fundraising,
whether it be music,
natural healing,
natural living.

don't be afraid to ask,
we make it a win-win

look for upcoming shows
on the beautiful
Treasure Coast of Florida!

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