Arlo Guthrie on speed!?!! ... or more high vibe shenanigans from the greentrees?

Well hello everyone!

Getting some mileage through life lately,
first North Carolina, then back to Vero Beach, Florida
now up at the beautiful
Big Red Barn!!

Frederick, Maryland    greater Baltimore, DC area, Northern Virginia.
here a short , simple
(how we like them)
virginia song!

and some live shows in Frederick!
where we got some great soundbites!

"Arlo Guthrie on speed!"            from songwriter
"retro, innovative, like early Jefferson Airplane...thumbs up"    from
thanks guys!
am loving it.

here's the parking lot video of "this time"
with gavin on the egg, and jon on harmony
(stay tuned for more keyboards with jon)
and a shout out to carrie,
who we forced to video it!

here's "lonesome weary sailor"
written about driving a taxi cab through the night,
written while driving a taxi cab through the night,
(super job! wish it paid).
i'd keep the acoustic in the trunk,
and strum in the back seat during
3am slow hours.

we're bringing everything back to basics
and showcasing
the core warm sound
of the Happiness...or Bust! album

hence we're giving
everyone the Free single "walkabout the solution"

take back your heart,
take back your power,
make it a joyous journey!

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