can you "wiggle wiggle boo"???

greetings from the greentrees

a lot of space in that there photo above,
isn't there?

figured i'd open things up a bit let the air blow through!
(why not a tree in site!)
well a branch. yes.


but more seriously
(and more grounded in your body!)
can you "wiggle wiggle boo"?

this simple technique will jack up your positivity,
your smile, and your overall vibe-o-meter!

please, not for the faint of heart,
i don't want to have
to deal with the fall out!

i should make you sign a waiver,
what the heck!

let the quackiness roll!

can you "wiggle wiggle boo"?



there's more great quackiness
over here
ie  a lullaby
that might put you to sleep,
scroll down, and then lay down
counting your sheep.


alas, we've come to the special bonus!

here's the dealio!

the greentrees need testimonials,
stark raving mad
(yet lucid)
inspiring/ intriguing,
text  or audio or video
thumbs up!

for the greentrees
sound, lyrics,
vibe, vocals,
patented "chug 'n' strum"

good looks !(oops , uh, strike that)

or anything else you resonate with!

please don't lie, or twist yourself into
compromising position,
only if you feel pressure!

in exchange,
we'll make you a FREE video,
for anything /business/dream you have!

good for online/offline
branding/fun/business etc....

give us some feedback!

Why?! you ask
because the greentrees are taking it to the next level,
build it and they will come,

the greentrees
are front door
to overall vision!

the house is how to grow your life!
grow your health, grow your wealth.

that's why the free greentrees album is
"songs to grow by"

we're building a platform
with songs,
will shortly
practical, simple skills and tools,

to take back your heart,
take back your power!

grow your life!

(sneak peak)
(under major construction)

so leave testimonials
below on this blog,
or email, or somewhere
as we would love to use them!

thanks to
for getting the ball rolling!
(it's on our front page)

this is for the first  7 people!
($297 value)
after that,
anyone with a testimonial
gets a FREE Album!

Stay Quacky!,
captain figgy
mr. hugatree

take action! 

thank you!

p.s. please "like" us on facebook
testimonials there if want!

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