Everything's Okay -- GROW YOUR LOVE (vol.1)

The Greentrees
60's, Americana, Outlaw, Spirituals.

The Greentrees
heartwarming, soothing, inspiring.

Receive these song seeds,
grow your love. (baby!)

Everything's Okay
--- GROW YOUR LOVE (vol. 1)

Everything's Okay
Will You Be Mine?
Know You're Gonna Find

All That I Was
Lost Face
Takin' Back My Power

Angel Fly Up to Heaven
Love Over Yonder
Roll Up Your Memory (and Ride it Away)

I Know A Woman


Wonderful intro into the Greentrees vibe
and overall recurring themes
of higher yearning, identity, transcendence.

Great balance of electric and acoustic versions.

Where is it ? you ask
it's in the site wide player,
which plays automatically upon landing
at the site.

i've been burning this as the CD
to offer at live shows lately.

It feels like an old time album,
and is sequenced as such,
meaning the songs are meant to be heard
in the order they are
as a cohesive little film in the mind.

A unity emerges on the themes, motifs reoccurring
reenforcing upon themselves.

I offer this 10 song sequence
as the best front door
into the Greentrees!



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