Stay Quacky!

greetings from the greentrees

some wonderful photographs
by john biondo

shot at pocohontas park, vero beach
maybe some day we'll amass the children's songs
the greentrees have written
and/or collected
and put them out there

sleep like a child
sleep like a baby
sleep with a smile
rising up with the daybreak,'re that sweet child of mine
...............wake up to find
that you're okay!

you're the sunflower kid,
you're the sunflower kid,
under the covers 
where you keepyourself hid're that sweet child of mine
................wake up to find,
you're okay.

so sleep like a child,
sleep like a baby,
sleep with a smile,
rising up in the daybreak,'re that sweet child of mine
................wake up to find
you're okay!

so i got my makeshift greentree band together,
the boys, and girls, from the park
and we strummed
and hummed,
and jumped,
and swung around,
razed general acoustic mayhem!

you would have loved it!!

bringing the songs to the people,
putting the hearts on the sleeve,
filling the air with tunefulness,
and young curious exuberance

again, these photos are with john
working the camera.

if you're in vero beach,
give him a call...ask for the greentree special!


stay tuned
for upcoming show announcements!

and secret project being revealed!

Stay Quacky!! 

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