Tomatoes At The Band LIVE!!! 
spirited songs, spirited life 

an awesome hostel in Long Island City, Queens, NYC 
right across East River from Manhattan 
very international guests,  
with cafe/bar, comfy chairs, lots of space 
awesome rooftop view Manhattan. 

Greg Morgan 
on the spritely, grooving percussion!! 
thank you Greg! 
wonderful at flowing through the songs. 

love playing here 

thank you bartender Seth 
for stepping forward with this video! 


time to throw tomatoes at the band 
if you must, then you must, and must! we understand 
it's been a long night, the wrong night  
a bomb, Bomb, BOMB!!! of a night.. 
time to throw tomatoes at the band 

hey but wouldn't it be nice  
if we could kick it all around together? 
laugh it up, shake it down 
make the whole damn thing better! 
wouldn't it be nice break up the ice 
rise above the weather?!? 
time to throw tomatoes at the band 

we understand! 
we understand! 
been there, done that, 
got the ticket 
bought the t shirt 
we understand!!! 


tune in, 
bliss out, 
roll on......... 

if you dig the song etc.. 
and/or not 
feel free  
to toss a virtual tomato!?! 

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warner todd Anderson2 weeks ago 
SPLAT!!!!! Yeah SPLAT!!! now that felt better 

 warner todd Anderson2 weeks ago 
and special thanks to Peter at www.ManhattanRickshaw who inspired me to finish this song.... i finally realized if someone else is humming a line or melody that you have written or are playing then it is a keeper and it should be put on the fast track to completion (if possible) i had the title and melody and Peter heard it, and a day later he remarked he was still singing it and digging it... lightbulb moment! ha ha! maybe i should finish this one?!! 

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