Tomatoes At The Band LIVE!!! 
spirited songs, spirited life 

an awesome hostel in Long Island City, Queens, NYC 
right across East River from Manhattan 
very international guests,  
with cafe/bar, comfy chairs, lots of space 
awesome rooftop view Manhattan. 

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Hymn 83 

G                        D                 C
Lord, keep my eye on the sky,
Am                     G            D
Lord, keep my spirit so high,
Am                 G
grant me my innocence
D                   Em
lose me my pride
C                        D                 G    D
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Everything's Okay -- GROW YOUR LOVE (vol.1)

The Greentrees
60's, Americana, Outlaw, Spirituals.

The Greentrees
heartwarming, soothing, inspiring.

Receive these song seeds,
grow your love. (baby!)

Everything's Okay
--- GROW YOUR LOVE (vol. 1)

Everything's Okay
Will You Be Mine?
Know You're Gonna Find

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"authentic and rootsy..." Loudoun Times-Mirror

"authentic and rootsy...
the singer had an evocative and 
very plaintiff yowl edge in his voice...
another great band."
                                   --Loudoun Times-Mirror

that was very sweet 
of the gentleman.
(i don't see his…Read more

Everything's Okay (acoustic) 

everything's okay   every time i turn my head i want to see and feel something real. wake up now in my own safe bed, know i've the strength to deal. ups and downs, …Read more