First Friday Leesburg!.........

 Hello Everyone!         Greetings from the greentrees

We played on the street 
for Leesburg First Friday last night!

I got to wear my different funny hats,
like a crown, a soccer ball, a king's hat.

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the greentrees! live in charlotte, nc!

 greetings all,
so we took a saturday
and traipsed around charlotte nc,
looking for places to set up and play...

i call it  guerilla style,
just bring the instruments
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Freakish Florida Snowstorm Unhinges Local Band!

what was once all fun and games,
sweet florida sand and sun,
strawhats and strumming guitars,
that sweet sunshine state of mind...

has been shattered,
turned arctic into a frigid, unexpected coldness
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greentree haiku/elevator pitch!


the simplicity of creedence,
the heartfelt of willie,
the zen backbeat of a surfer's endless summer,
spirited songs, spirited life...the greentrees.


here's a new song...

"Phoenix (dying to live)"
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can you "wiggle wiggle boo"???

greetings from the greentrees

a lot of space in that there photo above,
isn't there?

figured i'd open things up a bit let the air blow through!
(why not a tree in site!)
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Stay Quacky!!

greetings from the greentrees ,

well after threatening to do it,
we went ahead and did it.
and it felt good!! yes, it really did!

we got quacky!
and now we're going to
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Stay Quacky!

greetings from the greentrees

some wonderful photographs
by john biondo

shot at pocohontas park, vero beach
maybe some day we'll amass the children's songs
the greentrees have written
and/or collected

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