summer's Pool Party w/ Light Sabers!

greetings from the greentrees

always loved this song!
from Easy Rider film.

carole king & goffin song
but i dig byrds version!
here's why
cut down from 4 to 3
well edited…

good news...everything's okay :)

greetings from the greentrees

word on the street,
word on the beach,
is this,

...everything's okay...

yes, your glass is half full,
rearrange your perspective.


clean out your closet,

Life's Too Be So Down!

greetings from the greentrees :)

ahhh...sunny florida beaches!
yet still,
life's a beach, or
life's a b*tch.

this guy was a little cranky at this point,
my daughter was in the water

never, never, never give up! ...remain steadfast.

greetings from the greentrees,

doesn't it always come back
to the fundamentals! ...

back to those simple routines,
that give positive value
and strong foundation

all spheres of life
health creation,

thank you to you! 

greetings from the greentrees, :)

we'd like to thank everyone on our list
for all the warm support
and nurturing.
this song and video
is appropriately titled "thank you song"

we're pleased to…

Album has been recorded!

Alright ...  the week has come and gone and what an amazing week it was. Not only did we get the 8 tracks for the new album with Tate Music Group but we were able to capture a second album…

every song begins a dream! project

hey everyone! 
brainstorming the upcoming project
a crowd funding project
for a recording in oklahoma
with rv rental
and overall  independently healthy/independently wealthy
concept of the site
and the vision.


earth day ep release!

hey everyone,
tonight's show will highlight
 a 4 song ep
in honor of earth day.....

planet in the universe (earth day song)
black rainbow
paint your sky blue
walkabout the solution


Update for Tate Music Group

Well, the original week  of June 1st we had scheduled for recording the new album was difficult to do so we had to reschedule with Tate.

It looks like it will fall around the last week of June that…

Cutting an album with Tate Music Group!

The best news of all!

We are awaiting a schedule date for sometime in May 2010 to hit the studio out in Oklahoma with our new partners at Tate Music Group.


Will keep you updated.