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Great to have you here!

Please enjoy the songs in the audio player, they are some of my solo material and some of the material i have created with a few friends over the years.

Being a drummer at heart most of my songs are harder and faster than most greentrees material. They are also greatly influenced by the type of music that is my passion, "electric blues".

I love the great blues guitarists from Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, ZZ Topp and Clapton to Albert King, Mike Bloomfield , albert Collins, Freddie King, BB king and Buddy Guy.

As far as drumming styles and bands go,  i really really love the style of the Dave Mathews band. They are my favorite band for sure!  I grew up with a passion for the Doors, Beatles, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin and ZZ topp.

The list goes on and on, as music is a passion for me!

Please feel free to express yourself or give comments or feedback. You can email me at gavin@thegreentreesmusic.com

Gavin's songs and style

About the songs:

The songs in the audio player above range over the course of the last twenty years.

"The Hunt" was a track that was recorded in my parents house twenty plus years ago that i really love. With my friend George on lead guitar, my friend Steve on bass, myself on drums and Todd on second percussion it really rocks. If i remember correctly it was a simple 4 track recording with 1-2 mikes set up in the room to capture everything together. Certainly not too sophisticated and perfect but still a great groove. Hope you enjoy it!

"Train Break" , "Life Control" & "Tally Ho!" are from an album of about 13 songs i called "Instrumentality Totality"  that i recorded way back 15-20 years ago. I had a lot of fun and every instrument you hear i am playing. I recorded the main rhythym guitar first, then the bass , then lead guitar and finally added the drum tracks. It was really one of my first full production recording projects. I am quite proud of it although it is not complete enough for true commercial airplay or marketing. Please enjoy!  

"Darling" & "Ocean Voyage" are two tracks that i wrote and play the electric guitar, bongos and triangle on(don't laugh it was all that i had available at the time!). Todd helped me with the vocals and acoustic guitar on "Darling" and with the piano parts on "Ocean Voyage". The tracks are great and one day soon i hope to use them as a foundation for a full song. Especially "Ocean Voyage", it is really a great little ditty at this point!

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