Irish Blessings to You!

so captain figgy is eating oatmeal
and he sees a poem he digs
(on the Irish oatmeal container):
"Irish blessing...

may the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be at your  back,
may the sunshine warm on your face"

it makes him pick up the guitar,
and intuit where the road may lead.

here's the song it lead to!
happy st. patrick's day!

oops! but wait,
before that our heartfelt tribute
to those Greek Irish Dancers
Stavros Flatley!


look up on you tube
"stavros flatley greek irish dancers britains got talent 2009"
you will love the elegant, inspired dancing!

and now
for our regularly programmed schedule
"taking back my power"
(from oatmeal to a song)

thanks to brian gwinner
for the live recording.

thanks to st. patricio
as our skateboard 
stunt double.
you make it look easy