kiddiewinkies! watch out for the magic shower trick!!     "Great beat & melodies. Music that moves the soul...and a 2 yr old." Fern


Stay Quacky! Show

Happy Halloween! 2010

Captain Figgy
digging the general mayhem
swirling chaos
screeching kids
of halloween birthday party!

High Vibe Shenanigans!!!

Original song
about being in love :)
with the Great, Great Pumpkin!

with a thousand thank you's to Linus
And the Peanuts crew
and the incomparable tv special
The Great Pumpkin!

over 20 little people
running frantically
wildly, giddily
hopped up
on all forms of sugar/candy/treats!

captain america,
dorothy with her ruby red slippers,
iron man,
venus & serena williams! wow!
dracula (his 5th birthday!)
black cat,
gina the pirate girl,
super models,
little cowboy,
various little people characters

doing the "wiggle wiggle BOO! " dance,

doing the "chase the wizard" (me,captain figgy) game!

doing the "i'm in love with a pumpkin" sing along!

wish you were there!

stay tuned
Stay Quacky!


can you "wiggle wiggle boo"?

"sleep like a child"...a lullaby?!?