stars and guitars, baby!
the greentrees
in all their lo-fi, no-fi, elusive hi-fi glory.
Songs are there,
often production isn't.

Best to sample a song
from each album
taste and move on...
feel what resonates for you.

Our advise for  best enjoyment of  the music....
relax, open mind,
not be super critical,
listening with headphones really nurtures
to hear the subtleties of the songs
transporting listener more deeper into the music.

Listen through songs /albums 
twice in a row
especially if you are a super critical person...
relax............let it be....learn to breathe


Let Me Remember (electric,psychedelic,garage)

Living Left To Do (acoustic folk rock)

Happiness...or Bust! (acoustic back porch)

Stripped Live@Starbucks (acoustic 3 piece)