The greentrees
sound is open, warm and inviting.
Organic and acoustic at it's base,
filled with energy and movement.

Todd Anderson and Gavin Anderson
are a dynamic duo
when it comes to generating an exceptional caliber
of musical creativity, energy and harmony.
All packed with a lyrical content
that delivers a powerful and inspiring

Built on the solid foundation
of Todd's hooking lyrical content,
simplistic acoustic guitar rhythms,
smooth harmonica, and a vocal style
that captures the innocence of heart, and purity,
that is the foundation of the group. 

GJ then drives it home with the drums,
adding a level of energy and creativity
that brings it all together.
Creating just the right movements, and subtlety,
that creates a hypnotic wall of sound. 

Top it all off by adding some other excellent musicians,
specifically,our fellow brother in arms,
Paul Sanders,
playing his trademark style
of impeccably timed and tasteful backbeats,
whether it be the percussion (stripped live @ starbucks)
or the full kit ( "orange leaves" video),
or just hitting the studio (just jump in) to add layers and tracks,
to take it to the next level.

No matter which way it goes,
you are sure to get
a simple, spirited, retro, innovative song