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Tomatoes At The Band LIVE!!! 


spirited songs, spirited life 

an awesome hostel in Long Island City, Queens, NYC 
right across East River from Manhattan 
very international guests,  
with cafe/bar, comfy chairs, lots of space 
awesome rooftop view Manhattan. 

Greg Morgan 
on the spritely, grooving percussion!! 
thank you Greg! 
wonderful at flowing through the songs. 

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Hymn 83  

G                        D                 C
Lord, keep my eye on the sky,
Am                     G            D
Lord, keep my spirit so high,
Am                 G
grant me my innocence
D                   Em
lose me my pride
C                        D                 G    D
Lord, keep my eye on the sky


a short verse
from Hymn 83

a Patrick, Sara, Todd song
from the

One Horse Orphanage

early 90's trio
2 album journey :)

thank you 
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Everything's Okay -- GROW YOUR LOVE (vol.1) 

The Greentrees
60's, Americana, Outlaw, Spirituals.

The Greentrees
heartwarming, soothing, inspiring.

Receive these song seeds,
grow your love. (baby!)

Everything's Okay
--- GROW YOUR LOVE (vol. 1)

Everything's Okay
Will You Be Mine?
Know You're Gonna Find

All That I Was
Lost Face
Takin' Back My Power

Angel Fly Up to Heaven
Love Over Yonder
Roll Up Your Memory (and Ride it Away)

I Know A Woman


Wonderful intro into the Greentrees vibe
and overall recurring themes
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"...keep our feet above the ground, our hearts together" 

Listen, Elizabeth

listen Elizabeth.

Best to make up some coffee,
best to make it up black,
black as midnight.

open up the windows,
open up the front door too!

we're gonna air it out,
talk it through.

not gonna be anymore ghosts,
ghosts in this house,
not gonna be anymore ghosts,
ghosts in this house.

.....................................let's go outside, and sit on the swings
.....................................swing back and forth, and let time fly
.....................................keep our feet above the…Read more

Under the Big Top!! with Pink Elephants! & Great Sound! 

The Greentrees
Live @ The Carousel,  Austin Texas

Beautiful Room.
Awesome Late Night Vibe Under the Big Top!!!

Full Set:
Walkabout the Solution
This Time (Give You All of My Love)
Never Give Up (Love in Your Heart)
Strange Journey....badass attempt at new Hindi flavored song!

Overall theme: Release Your Inner Badass!

more live Austin Texas adventures!

"authentic and rootsy..." Loudoun Times-Mirror 

"authentic and rootsy...
the singer had an evocative and 
very plaintiff yowl edge in his voice...
another great band."
                                   --Loudoun Times-Mirror

that was very sweet 
of the gentleman.
(i don't see his name in the paper here!?!)
i remember he sat down beside us
and dug in for a couple songs!

we definitely played this one,
and i think this is what he was referring to....

and here's a upclose view from that show!

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