Life's Too Be So Down!

greetings from the greentrees :)

ahhh...sunny florida beaches!
yet still,
life's a beach, or
life's a b*tch.

this guy was a little cranky at this point,
my daughter was in the water
and loving it!
two perspectives, two internals,
same externals.

so that's our challenge here in duality,
all down to our internal choices,
i guess we can always control our reactions,
that's part of our power.

so "life's too short"
is a song i always turn to
in live situations
especially , as it gives me that confidence
to continue on and play in a more positive/
accepting/surrender frame of mind

here's the acoustic version

here's the video
for the eclectric version
scroll down
3rd video on left "life's too short" (the bike ride)

we've just released the album
"Just Jump In"
meaning just jump in to life,
spirited passion,
positive living,
good vibration,
engage ,
and trust the process
trust the faith,
because you're
a bright star :)

and you will be given the help you need.
"the way that does not provide for the wayfarer is no way to fare upon"

from the book of mirdad by mikhail naimy,
that's a 5 star book. check it out.

"Just Jump In"
it's downloadable here

we're still working on the cover,
more photos,
and the liner notes :)

"when you're down on yourself,
then you're down on everybody else,
life's too short to be so down"

reclaim your power,
the greentrees salute you:)

learn to breathe,
learn to receive,
learn to be
the beauty you are.

from "learn to breathe"
discover songs to grow by

facebook page is up!
"yippee! yippee! the new phone book is here!"

we are clueless on how to use it!?!
stay tuned for shenanigans :)

as always,
any cool joint ventures
you've got percolating,
contact us!

we've got a bunch of the members
adding tracks to some greentrees recordings,
and those will be shared shortly!

over and out.


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